Zimgold blend is a blend between soya bean oil and cotton seed oil which is low in trans-fat (unhealthy fats), this makes it a healthy option. It is similar to canola and sunflower in terms of its unsaturated fat oil composition. Zimgold blend has a mild scent when cooking.


Economical, lasts longer and gives more fries with the same amount of cooking oil than other brands.

The cotton seed oil in Zimgold blend enhances the natural taste of food because of its neutral taste.

Rich in vitamin E and are important in fighting free radicals (cancer causing elements).

Contains a high amount of anti-oxidants which fight free radicals (cancer causing elements).

It is low in cholesterol which makes it a healthier option than other oils for those who wish to lower their cholesterol levels.

SKUs (standard keeping units):

Available in 5l, 2l, 750ml and 375ml


Everyday cooking, baking, deep fat frying, oriental dishes popular ingredient in the following: icings, whipped toppings and mayonnaise.

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