Who We Are

Our Background

Pure Oil Industries was incorporated in Zimbabwe in 2012 initially as a joint venture between ETG/Vamara & Parrogate Zimbabwe. The first commercial production started in 2013. National Foods then bought an equity stake in the company in 2016.

The business is now an established processor of edible oil primarily soya bean, cotton, palm, sunflower and canola oil with the leading brand being “ZIMGOLD”. We also do oil seed extraction with a capacity to crush soya beans, cotton seeds and sunflower seeds. In the process we also produce soya meals, cotton cakes and sunflower cake for stock feed industry. To support the local farmers, we also embarked on a backward integration strategy which led to the birth of our contract farming Scheme in 2016.

We have continued to expand our product portfolio to include “ZIMBRITE” laundry soap, “PUROLA” canola cooking oil, “ZIMGOLD” margarine and “OLEO” bakers’ fat.

Our Vision

Low cost producer and continuous supply of quality products, Provide Innovative products to consumers and customers, Grow the brand to lead the market, Backward and forward integrate to support complimentary value chains.

Our Mission

To be the leading producer and supplier of oil & fats, agro-processed products and other complimentary categories to delight the target consumers & customers.

Our Values






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