Zimgold Margarine

Zimgold Margarine is a multipurpose product designed to cater for spreading, frying and baking. It is made up of 80% fat making it ideal for baking. Our product is made up of a combination of plant based healthy fats and contains sunflower oil making it a healthy product.


  • It is a healthy product made from plant based healthy fats.
  • It has high fat content making it the best option for baking.


  • Ideal for use in Baking, Frying and Spreading.

Zimgold Lite Spread

Zimgold Lite Spread is a low-fat product designed for spreading. It contains 40% fat and caters for the consumers who are looking for a low-fat spread. Our product is made up of a combination of healthy plant-based fats.


  • Low fat composition targeted at consumers who consume low fat products.
  • Contains plant based healthy fats.


  • Ideal for spreading.

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