Pure Oil Industries donates year’s supply of Zimgold cooking oil to community heroes

As part of our Community Outreach, Pure Oil Industries through its Zimgold Givers programme has taken an initiative to recognised a special category of people called the Heroes of our community at an event held its Offices in Harare. These are people who despite the challenges they also face have acted selflessly to help other societal members. These Community Heroes were honoured with each receiving  a year’s supply of Zimgold cooking oil after they were selected by the public through Zimgold’s social media networks.

Amongst the heroes were Mbuya Gwena a midwife well known for helping deliver babies at her home free of charge in Mbare, she has helped deliver more than 200 babies to date. Amai Sorobhi a yester-year famous actor was also a nominated recipients selected by the public and was present at the event where she collected her year’s supply of cooking oil amongst many other recipients.

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